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Spider-Man: Fake Red

Spider-Man: Fake Red

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One day however, he finds a well-made Spider-Man outfit thrown into the trash, and decides to take it home with him to mess around with. Additionally, Aaron Davis appears as a taxi driver, going unnamed but identifiable by both his appearance and his allusion to his Spider-Man fanboy nephew.

Incompatible Orientation: Yu has a crush on his confidant Emma, only to learn that she is a closested lesbian with a crush on one of her classmates. I was surprised by how the heartfelt nature of Spider-Man: Fake Red had really affected me by the conclusion, but I think it perfectly drove home that while our teen years can often be problematic, within us lies a certain quiet potential for achieving the unexpected or even heroic given the right circumstance. Silk makes a surprising appearance, so if you're a fan of her character you'll be thrilled to see her.

He is striking out socially, failing classes, and lacking confidence in himself, but that changes when he happens to come across one of Spider-Man’s costumes abandoned in an alleyway. This book is fast-paced and pulls no punches with its fun or its focus on our character of Yu getting in over his head when he decides to play Spider-Man for a while in the real Spidey's absence. Seeing the parallels with Peter's real struggles with Yu figuring out what he wants to do with his new found suit and webs.

Although, too much dialogue would bloat the A5 sized novel and force it into a standard graphic novel, so it's a trade off I suppose.He happens to come across an abandoned Spider-Man Costume and puts it on, thinking he could be like the Web-Slinger, but it would be fate that would make the fanboy face the most difficult question he has evaded, do I have the power to change my destiny?

It's played for humor at first, but before long Yu pleasingly discovers a previously untapped courage and determination deep inside his soul and begins to roughly succeed at being a passable imitation Spidey. THEN the narrative begins to explore the reason for the genuine Spider-Man's disappearance, and one of his trusty A-list villains finally arrives on the scene to reveal his diabolical plot as well as mistaking Yu for his intended target. Mistaken Identity: Emma notices that Yu has bandages on his arm in the exact same spots that "Spider-Man" got hurt while rescuing her from carjackers the day before. One day however, he finds a well made Spider-Man outfit thrown into the trash, and decides to take it home with him to mess around with.And even though the series got cancelled, as far as I’m concerned, I desperately hope the story will continue some day. During the battle with Venom, Yu is able to give his mask to the stunned Venom, reminding him of who he is. It also doesn't require much prior knowledge about the characters only some basic stuff so it's new-reader friendly. Yu thought it's fun to try out a Spider-Man costume but when he faces powerful enemies he realises he's not out of his element.

But after donning the real Spider-Man's costume on a whim after mistaking it for discarded cosplay, he soon finds himself in over his head as he's wholly unprepared for what Spidey deals with on a regular basis. One day our protagonist stumbles across a spider-man suit tucked behind a dumpster, takes it home with him only to find out it’s the real thing web shooters and all.Sure, having an Asian-American kid involved in the world is cool, but why do there need to be so many guys in the suit? Together they find a way to seperate the Venom from Peter and Yu passes the mask to Peter telling him he is his hero and the true spiderman.

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