The Giants of Kandahar

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The Giants of Kandahar

The Giants of Kandahar

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In the now-deleted video Marzulli speaks to the man purporting to be a soldier who said he witnessed the "Giant of Kandahar", on his YouTube channel which is dedicated to tying current events to Biblical prophecies. Marzulli, an author, blogger and filmmaker, is believed to have created or heavily influenced this legend. Some accounts claim that the giant was as tall as 15 feet with six digits, wore leather moccasins with a horrible odor, and appeared out of nowhere from a cave, killing one soldier with his spear.

S. service member with a spear only to be vanquished by the rest of the unit courtesy of “30 seconds of sustained gunfire,” according to an account on allthatsinteresting. Echoes of the Giant" concludes with a poignant decision to keep the discovery a guarded secret, honoring the legacy of the past and the mysteries that remain hidden. According to ATI, the remainder of the troops murdered him in less than 30 seconds by firing nonstop at him. I didn’t think I would be successful at stratification etc but I now have a whole bunch of Hablitzia seedlings sprouting after following your excellent advice.

According to Marzulli, the creature was a Nephilim - a group of people mentioned in the Genesis and Numbers books of the Old Testament - who were believed to be "people of unusually large size and strength" that could be found in the Middle East both before and after “The Flood” of Noah’s Ark fame. The Department of Defense told the outlet, in no uncertain terms, that they had “no record or information about a special forces member killed by a giant in Kandahar. com/darkwindows and join over half a million people taking charge of their mental health with the help of an experienced professional. That is according to a witness who claimed to have seen the killing in a YouTube interview, which has since been deleted. The epilogue reflects on the enduring allure of legends and the importance of respecting the unknown chapters of human history.

Set against the backdrop of the rugged and mysterious landscape of Kandahar, Afghanistan, "Echoes of the Giant" is a thrilling blend of historical intrigue and modern-day adventure. A US Air Force C-130 Hercules, the aircraft reportedly used to transport the corpse of the giant to an unknown location. A mythical 13-foot-tall monster with red hair and six fingered hands that lived in the mountains of Afghanistan "was killed and covered up by the US government".

In 2016, an account appeared online that claimed to be from a member of a US special forces team that encountered, and killed, a giant humanoid during operations in Afghanistan. Furthermore, the only "Dan" that died in Kandahar around the time of the alleged incident in 2002 was Sgt. The account then claims that a red-headed, powerfully built humanoid, around 13 feet in height and clad in animal skins, emerged from the cave. After a request for comment to the US Department of Defense, a spokesman stated in 2016 that they had no record of such an incident. USS Carney shoots down missile in first attack on Navy since October It's the first time the Houthis directly targeted a U.

If there are fifteen or eighteen footers roaming the Earth and our military has brought them down, we have a right as American citizens to know about it, he said. They include “The Giant of Kunar,” a massive being an infantry team leader reportedly saw during a deployment between 2008 and 2009. Around the same time that the Snopes article came out that discredited the story, self-proclaimed supernaturalist L. In a chat with YouTuber LA Marzulli (per Daily Star), the military contractor claimed to have been there during the savage killing of a killer he dubbed the Kandahar Giant. Rescued from a seed bank, It has been brought back from the brink thanks to the pioneering work of the Experimental Farm Network.

As they dig deeper, Alex and Ayesha discover startling evidence in a hidden cave in the mountains—giant skeletal remains and ancient artifacts that challenge historical understanding. Stories of the encounter were not shared with many, the soldier reportedly said, but memories of what he had seen came flooding back after listening to the Coast to Coast dispatch. Predictably, proud wearers of the world’s largest tin foil hats responded along the lines of, “That’s exactly what someone hiding a 13-foot-tall body would say!

Most days we are out working in the field so sometimes we are unable to answer the phone if we have our hands full. On 13 August 2016, he posted an episode on YouTube of his series, Watchers, in which he claims to interview a military contractor or soldier who witnessed the blade-wielding "Giant of Kandahar" kill another soldier before being downed by troops, whisked away by a transport aircraft and hidden away from public view.There’s also a solid rumour about the giant fellow with two sets of teeth driving a spear through the heart of a soldier after being threatened in his cave. No statement referring to a member of the special forces being killed by a giant has ever been released by the Department of Defense, either in 2002 or at any other time. Another interpretation is that the nephilim were the offspring of relationships between either angels and humans, or angels and devils, depending on the account in question.

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