Supreme Landscaping Products Jointing Compound Stone Grey Easy Joint 12.5 Kilo Patio Mortar

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Supreme Landscaping Products Jointing Compound Stone Grey Easy Joint 12.5 Kilo Patio Mortar

Supreme Landscaping Products Jointing Compound Stone Grey Easy Joint 12.5 Kilo Patio Mortar

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EASYJoint is the original sweep-in jointing Compound and still the best truly “All Weather Paving Joint Compound” available and made in the UK. Start once the paving has dried and the joints are drained, applying virtually no pressure to the tool - it is only to finish thejoint, not compress it. EASYJoint is the UK’s top selling paving jointing compound, favoured by trade professionals and DIYers alike. Our tile adhesives and grouts are heat, mould and water resistant and perfect for fitting tiles in your bathroom or kitchen.

This gap shape can be the most challenging to work with and we recommend you carefully follow the instructions below. Over time, as rain and surface water pass through the porous joints between the paving slabs, this can lead to a little discolouration, with Algae, Lichen and Fungi growing between your paving joints. EASYJoint is the original sweep-in jointing Compound and still the best truly "All Weather Paving Joint Compound" available and made in the UK.Faster to use than traditional methods, simply wet the surface you are working on, create a slurry, sweep or squeegee in to place, and voila! Never allow EASYJoint to stand in piles or allow the paving to dry with any remaining on its surface. Yes, you can use our jointing compound with porcelain tiles, in fact some specialist suppliers only recommend EASY Joint for jointing them! Without a strong foundation the paving will move and the EASYJoint mortar will crack between the paving slabs.

Use more EASY Joint to top up any low spots in your joints, repeating the washing process as described previously. In this instance the particles within the grout mix won’t settle into the joints evenly due to the presence of ice and potentially lead to longer term problems. Jointology encompasses an integral part of the overall art of Hardscaping, we are all experienced hardscape installers at AZPECTS and we will cover all elements that make up the Hardscaping business with a particular emphasis on proper jointing. EASYJoint is the UK's top-selling paving jointing compound, favoured by professionals and DIY installers all around the world. Be careful when using add-mixtures such as SBR or PVA as these can seriously affect the permeability of a mortar mix.It should remain stable and safe to use for up to several months providing it remains covered with water (subject to environmental influences). Prior to grouting the installation should be dry and the open grout joints clean, dry and free of residues. It is suitable for all types of paving material provided there is a gap of at least a3mm wide and 25mm deep (narrow joint compound). However we can say that its predecessors, earlier derivatives of the current product, have been in use for more than 20 years and where the ground conditions are stable and a good sub-base has been employed, they have stood the test of time - much longer in most instances than a cement alternative.

When the water has drained away, a “flicking” motion with aclean soft hand brush (not the same one used to apply the compound) will aid the removal of any loose grains. The paving joints are then completely filled without the need to kneel down and compress the grout into the joints by hand, saving your back and saving time! This is entirely natural and will not impair the integrity of the product, but does cause discolouration.

We advise cleaning the soles of them before walking across dried (or drying) paving to avoid leaving “footmarks”. Firstly, it provides better workability to the compound - allowing it to be swept across the paving more freely. A strong joint that will resist the elements and stand the test of time - better than traditional jointing methods. As well as the options provided below, you can choose to restrict or block cookies through your browser settings at any time.

Wet the paving, brush in the compound, then strike the joints for a smooth finish and stronger, durable joint. If sealer is applied after the patio has been laid, do not apply any type of sealer over the joint for at least a month after it has set hard. As the name implies, EASYJoint is easy to use – simply soak the paving with water before commencing and then simultaneously sweep and wash the jointing compound into the joints, letting the water take the strain.The problem is that if you try to top up a joint it will not bond properly with the existing joint and over time the joint will fail.

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