The War on the West: How to Prevail in the Age of Unreason

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The War on the West: How to Prevail in the Age of Unreason

The War on the West: How to Prevail in the Age of Unreason

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Indeed, he even compares Churchill to a religious figure, a moral figurehead for our age, rather than a two-time Prime Minister who accomplished something pretty big the first time, had an undoubtedly illustrious career but may have committed both good and bad across his many years.

Which is not to say that there are no cultural disagreements or debates over history in Britain or the west. A story of breath-taking dealings that range from Riyadh to London, Paris to America, this is a thrilling and brutal investigation into extreme wealth, one of the world's most decisive and dangerous new leaders, and the bid for Saudi transformation that is reverberating around the world. Murray is rather wryly amused by the ridiculous condemnation that came out of the liberal elite for what they all assumed was a genuine incident. This is as close to the truth, to the real story of the corruption, vulgarities, horrors, and lies of the Kingdom and its current despot as we are likely to get.There are prestigious universities considering eliminating the end of required notation reading, conducting, studying classical composers, (they’re all white) and of course, their music, due to this stress. It’s one of many truth-flavoured arguments Murray makes: things that sound plausible if you’re permanently outraged and so need no further elaboration—they’re “well known” in the sense that a lot of people believe them regardless of evidence. Casting directors ‘discover’ movie stars and your friends ‘discover’ a great restaurant across town. Towards the end, he bemoans how the culture has been hollowed out by religious and cultural traditions being challenged and throughout complains about being unable to enjoy the endowments of west without the endowments being criticised.

British people wear poppies, enjoy films about Churchill and still broadly speaking like the country they live in, which is why they didn’t vote for Jeremy Corbyn. There’s an interactive notes section in the Kindle edition that makes this an easy function to follow up on.Every now and then I like to reach across the political aisle and see what they’re reading on the other side. Western self-flagellation, Murray claims, plays into the hands of the Chinese, allowing them to dismiss any charges against themselves as coming from countries with their own serious issues with regards to racism; that the west has no moral high ground and cannot criticise China. Naturally, this sort of vandalism was condemned and commentators complained that objections to the statue should’ve been handled civilly (Murray doesn’t even say this much).

Among the strongest passages of the book are those concerning the artistic achievements of European civilisations. The term was used by the author in a different context and was being used to mean opposition to genocide. The man likely was a racist and likely oversaw political decisions that don’t hold up morally today and may have led to loss of life. In The War on the West, Murray argues that a new cultural war has arisen to denigrate the West and western values.It is not an act of cultural abasement to point these things out and nor should it be regarded as an act of cultural warfare.

Surely the best thing to do is to understand and appreciate your history and culture more fully: take pride in the good parts and feel shame for the bad parts, and also not get particularly too hung up on any of it.I don’t remember everything I studied in history at school, but from GCSE age onwards I know that subjects we covered included bog bodies, the 1960s, the American West, the history of medicine, the Russian revolution, the Crimean War, the French Revolution, and Nazi Germany. Both discuss Nigel Biggar from different angles, both discuss the national trust, both discuss statue toppling and are culture war tracts that overstate the importance of their subject. Murray claims this isn’t true and that colonialism, Indian independence and the slave trade are all big parts of history syllabi in the UK.

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